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we are destination marketers.

HDM leverages timeless marketing and PR techniques in a modern content marketing environment to fully connect travelers on an emotional level with your destination. We don’t create awareness; we motivate visitors to travel. This is just a fancy schmancy way for us to say – we believe in strategic narrative marketing through stories that bring your destination to life.

our misfits.

People call us ‘misfits’.  We own it; we respect it.  Each of us embodies a different set of strengths, natural talents, personalities, and personal tastes – each bringing their own flare and perspective to the table. But, we all have a strong sense of wanderlust.  Combining our wanderlust with our personalities will result in a fully rounded destination brand and comprehensive tourism marketing strategy. Choose our team and employ the best minds in the destination marketing industry.

research drives our strategies.

In an ideal world, spitballing ideas would solve destination marketing problems. But at HDM, we understand that 5% of the world’s population determine the direction the other 95% will travel. So, we dive deep, discover your loyal 5%, and recommend strategies for how we can utilize them to motivate the other 95% as they experience our six-step visitor journey that results in bookings.

we are proudly called misfits.

Our company is as much as misfit as the team that calls it home. We stand out from our competitors because we don’t believe in the billable hour, we believe you should expect added-value from your agency partner (yep, that means free stuff), and we don’t charge you to call or email us with questions. We didn’t suit up for this game because it’s about us … we suited up because we knew DMOs needed a real teammate in this competitive game.

our family.

HDM operates without clients. Instead, we have Buddy, Joelle, Denise, Jo, Rebecca, Aimee, Christy, Jason, Colleen, Brianna, and a few other family members. Our misfits wake up every morning to help our family market their destinations. When our family calls, we drop what we are doing – just like your momma would – because our mommas raised us to do the right thing and treat others with respect.  And, as a warning, “Client” is about the only cuss word you won’t hear us use.

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